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Antonio Sesso

Antonio Sesso, Brazilian morphologist and microscopist (São Paulo 08 August 1930 –


Performed the first observation about structural genesis of membranous compartments originated from endoplasmic reticulum

With S.R.R. B. Azimovas, M.A. Ferreira & W.T. Correa. Freeze-fracture and thin section study of the rough ER-Golgi interface in the pancreatic acinar cell. Resemblance betwwen the intermembranal architecture of the outermost Golgi cisterna and the post-rough ER vesicular and tubular elements. Biol. Cell. 81(2):165-76, 1994

With others showed that rupture of the outer mitochondrial membrane seen in apoptotic cells results of the loss of the selective permeability of the inner mitochondrial membrane (2004-12)

With others showed vesicular clusters as a third similarity between mitosis and apoptosis in Tissue & Cell 31(3):357-71, 1999

Observed that mycoplasma enters cells through periphery


Developed procedure for high resolution autoradiography (1963)

With H. Haselmann, S. Raia, L.C. U. Junqueira et al. A method for microcinematography of secretory processes in the pancreas of the white mouse. Mikroskopie 8(11-2):400-5, 1953

With R. Taga & E.P. Alvares. Morphometric evaluation of the volume of the spherical and nonspherical cell nuclei in semithin plastic embedded sections. Rev. Fac. Odont. Bauru 2(1):41-4, 1994

With R. Taga & L.C. Pardini. Avaliação da homogeneidade da amostra em morfometria. Rev. Fac. Odont. Bauru 6(4):57-60, 1994 (a method for verifying the samples homogeneity in morphometric evaluation)

With R. Taga & L.C. Pardini. Grau de precisão na avaliação morfométrica do número de células. Rev. Fac. Odont. Bauru 6(4):67-70, 1994 (a method for estimating the precision degree in the morphometric absolute cell number evaluation)