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Andrés Stoppani

Andrés Oscar Manuel Stoppani Bahia, Argentine biochemist (Buenos Aires 19 August 1915 – Buenos Aires 18 March 2003)
Authored about 400 papers

Demonstrated the existence of a physiological control on melanotrophic hormone secretion in Amphibia

Estudios fisiologicos y farmacologicos sobre los melanoforos de los batracios. Doctoral Thesis, Universidad de Buenos Aires (1942)
Reported the essential role of thiol groups  on catalytic activity of certain enzymes  
With R. Vallejos, C. Brignone, J. Brignone & A. Boveris described the regulatory actions of insulin and steroidal hormones on mitochondria functions 
With E. Ramos & J. Boiso clarified the transport of amino acids in yeasts and Trypanosoma cruzi
Described mitochondrial respiratory chain of Trypanosoma cruzi and its antioxidants enzymes deficiency
With Vidal discovered isozyme inhibition due to a peptide present in the same venom
Performed important contributions to knowledge of mitochondrial respiration mechanisms in mammalian organs
Performed contributions about biochemical mechanisms in chemotherapy using orthoquinones for treatment of Chagas disease and cancer
Important works on metabolic biochemistry, genetics and immunology of Trypanosoma cruzi


Member, Nobel Committee of Chemistry, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (2002)
President, Section of Hormonal Regulation of Enzymatic Processes, VI International Congress of Biochemistry, New York (1964)
Houssay Prize, OAS (1989)


Saber y Tiempo 4(15):150-7, 2003