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Alvaro Alberto da Mota e Silva

Alvaro Alberto da Mota e Silva, Brazilian scientist and admiral (Rio de Janeiro 22 April 1904 - Rio de Janeiro 31 January 1976)

Rupturite (1917)

A new rupturite (1920)

Super rupturite (1923)


Process for giving fitness and hydraulicity to explosives (1923)

Toxic polyvalent dyes (1923)

Antivegetative polyvalent dyes (1925)


Obtained the production of contralite and acordite monopolized until then by Germans

Um processo expedito para a determinação da força das pólvoras sem fumaça (1941) 


His father Alvaro Alberto da Silva, Brazilian physician and scientist  (Rio de Janeiro 1861 – Rio de Janeiro 13 September 1908)

Discovered guanidine picrate, cresilate and nitrocresilate

Showed that guanidine prevents the reaction of chlorates, nitrates and other compounds on picric acid

Discovered salt-derivate and guanidine explosives

Recommended therapeutic use of sodium borate and lime borate for certain affections of digestive apparatus

His researches about explosives gained great repercussion abroad being cited by Richard Escalos and by Colver in his book High Explosives


A safety explosive  (1901)

Thermo-chemical Disinfector for bath, water-closet and urinal  (1905)

Brazilite (explosive)

Clinical aero-dosimeter for urine analysis (received the Great Prize in Chicago, 1902)


Extracting gas volumeter

An explosive (1891)

Gate for horse race (1891) with O. Bragana

Varnishes (1891 & 1892)

Brick Making (1891) with E. Becker

Sugar and milk extraction (1891)

A device for surveying butter