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Alfredo Sordelli

Alfredo Sordelli Anette, Argentine microbiologist (Buenos Aires 28 January 1891 – 15 December 1967)

From Lombardian father

Demonstrated that agar and other carbohydrates can be antigens and stimulate precipitins

Demonstrated existence of a specific lipoid that fixates antibodies on heterogenetic antigen

His preparation and titration methods of bacterial toxins were adopted worldwide 

Established titration methods of anti-diphtheria, anti-dysentery, anti-gangrene, anti-ophidic and other sera  

Elaborated and perfected economic and rapid immunization for obtaining sera of high efficiency  

Developed a technique for obtaining anti-diphtheria serum was later adopted by J. Bordet  and perfected by Ramon  

With A. Manzullo developed a method for diagnose of diphtheria

Developed methods for the preparation of insulin and other hormones such as estrogens and adrenaline   

Imagined a method for isolating psittacosis virus

With Soriano, Ferrari & Torino described Clostridium saprotoxicum 1934 

Discovered  Clostridium sordellii, causative agent of gas gangrene  (1922)

Created a method for measuring minute tensions

With R. Wernicke. Um metodo de medida de pequeñas tensiones. Anal. Asoc. Quim. Arg. 1:8, 1913

A new method for the preparation of serums on a large scale

Demonstrated that heteroantigen is composed of two parts (lipid and protein), a concept later retrieved by Landsteiner  (1918-25)

With Deulofeu & Wernicke characterized Forssman antigen as a lipidic complex associated to a carrier protein

Naturaleza del antigeno heterogenetico. Rev. Asoc. Med. Arg. 37:570, 1924

Sur la nature de l’antigéne hétérogénétique. C.R. Soc. Biol. Paris 92:898, 1925


Sordelli antitoxin (used against gas gangrene)

Sordelli technique for production of sera and vaccines anti gas gangrene

Sordelli method for preservation of microbial cultures by desiccation in vacuum

Sordelli-Miravent-Negroni culture medium (1926)

Sordelli-Deulofeu technique for preparation of insulin (1923)

Sordelli toxoid preparation technique

Sordelli-Miravent reaction for diagnosis of syphilis (1930)

Sordelli tubes