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Alfonso Splendore

Alfonso Splendore, Italian-born Brazilian physician (Fagnano Castelo, Cosenza province 25 April 1871 –São Paulo 30 April 1953)

First reported case of animal infection by sporotrichosis

With A. Lutz. Sobre uma micose observada em homens e ratos. Rev. Med. S. Paulo 21:433-50, 1907 

With A. Lutz described pathogeny, pathology and symptomatology of sporotrichosis and discovered the possibility of growing Sporotrichium schenckii in vitro (1907)
Discovered Toxoplasma gondii (1908) independently from Nicolle and Manceaux  
Described mucous form of American cutaneous leishmaniasis, a new clinical form of leishmaniasis (1911)  
Isolated Paracoccidioides brasiliensis etiologic agent of paracoccidiodomycosis (1913)


Coelosporidium periplanetae 1903 with Lutz

Glugea caeculiae 1904 with Lutz 

Glugea halesidotidis 1904 with Lutz

Glugea heliotidis 1904 with Lutz

Glugea hydriae 1904 with Lutz

Glugea micrattaci 1904 with Lutz

Microsporidium balantidii 1908 with Lutz

Microsporidium distomi 1908 with Lutz

Microsporidium ephemerae 1908 with Lutz

Microsporidium girardini 1903

Nosema astyroe 1903

Nosema chironomi 1908

Nosema erippi 1903

Nosema eubules 1903

Nosema junonis 1903

Nosema lophocampoe 1903

Nosema periplanetoe 1903

Nosema vanilloe 1903

Polydispyrenia simulii 1908

Trypanosoma hypostomi 1910


Splendore-Hoeppli phenomenon or Splendore reaction or Splendore corpuscles (1908)

Lutz-Splendore-Almeida disease or paracoccidioidomycosis  
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