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Alberto Juan Solari

Alberto Juan Solari Rodríguez, Argentine cytogeneticist (Buenos Aires 04 February 1934 –

Discovered XY pair in the meiosis of placental mammals

The behavior of the XY pair in mammals. Intern. Review Cytology 38:273-317, 1974

First to study the set of synaptonemal complexes in human spermatocytes

Synaptonemal complexes and associated structures in microspread human spermatocytes. Chromosoma 81(3):315-37, 1980

With M.I. Pigozzi. First demonstration of the substructure of recombination nodules. Biocell 22 (3): 177-86, 1998

With L.F. Rossi. Nueva organela compuesta de citoqueratina en los ovocitos del armadillo Chaetophractus villosus (2017)


With C.J. Tandler. An “axis-like” material in the centromeric region of the metaphase I chromosomes from mouse spermatocytes. Genetica 84(1):39-49, 1991

With C.J. Tandler. Presence of a centromeric filament during meiosis. Genome 34(6):888-94, 1991

With C.J. Tandler. Methanol-acetic anhydride: an efficient blocking agent for electron microscope cytochemistry. Its application to mouse testis and other tissues. Histochemistry 76(3):351-61, 1982

With M.J. Moses. Positive contrast staining and protective drying of surface spreads: electron microscopy of a synaptonemal method complex by a new method. J. Ultrastruct. Res. 54 (1):109-114, 1976

Relevant papers

With B. Kiefer, H. Sakai & D. Mazia. The molecular unit of the microtubules of the mitotic apparatus. J. Mol. Biol. 20 (1):75-9, 1966

With E.A. Videla & E.B. Del Castillo. Chromosomes in germinal aplasia. The Lancet 282 (7313): 886, 1963

With A.B. Sverdlick & E.R. Viola. Chromosome abnormality in myeloid metaplasia. The Lancet 280 (7256): 613, 1962