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Abdus Salam

Abdus Salam, Pakistani physicist and mathematician (Santok Das village, Sahiwal district, Punjab Province 29 January 1926 – Oxford, England 21 November 1996)
Predicted parity violation in weak interaction independent from Lee & Yang and Landau (1956)

Introduced chiral symmetry in the neutrino’s theory

Theorized the existence of proton decay

With S. Glashow and J. Goldstone proved mathematically the Goldstone’s theorem

With S. Weinberg first to apply Higgs mechanism to electroweak symmetry breaking (1964)

Predicted magnetic photon (1966)

Predicted existence  of weak neutral currents, Z particles and W particles (1967)

Named electroweak force (1967)

With S.Weinberg and S. Glashow unified weak and electromagnetic forces  

With Jogesh Pati proposed that nuclear forces occur in unification (1971) and developed Pati-Salam model in particle physics (1973)

With John Strathdee introduced the notion of superspace (1974)

With J. Weiss, B. Zumino & J. Strathlee discovered the supergravity (1974)

Physics Nobel Prize (1979)