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Veridiana Victoria Rossetti

Veridiana Victoria Rossetti, Brazilian plant pathologist (Santa Cruz das Palmeiras, São Paulo State 15 October 1917 – São Paulo 26 December 2010)

From a family of Italian immigrants

Nephew of Two-Time winner of World Soccer Cup Italian Coach Vittorio Pozzo


Authored over 450 scientific works, 2 books and over 10 book chapters

Gained international recognition for her studies on citrus virology

With E. Kitajima et al. showed that citrus leprosy is a plant viral disease (1972) 

With C.M. Chagas proved the transmission of citrus leprosy by tissue grafts

Developed ingenious methods for diagnosing citrus diseases

Concluded that hemipteran species Platytylus bicolor as vector of citrus false exantema

With J.T. Nakadaira & R. Calza. A provável causa do falso exantema dos citros. O Biológico 30(3):61-2, 1964

Citrus Variegated Chlorosis 

With M.J.G. Berretta identified and named citrus variegated chlorosis or amarelinho (1987)

Discovered Xylella fastidiosa as causative agent of citrus variegated chlorosis 

With M. Garnier, J.M. Bové, M.J. Gobbo-Berretta, A.R.R. Teixeira, J.A. Quaggio & J.D. de Negri. Présence de bactéries dans le xyleme d’orangers atteints de chlorose variégée, une nouvelle maladie des agrumes au Brésil. C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris 310 (3):345-9, 1990

Observed that spittlebugs (Cicadellidae) were the disease vectors (1993)


A new virus-like disease affecting murcott tangor in the State of São Paulo, Brazil (1973)

With T. Namekata, O. F. de Mello & E. de Conti discovered a new type of decline on citrus trees (1966)


Wallace Award for Best Work, International Organization of Citrus Virologists (1995)

Honorary Professor, Florida University (1987)

Honorary Member, International Society of Citriculture (1992)

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