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Teobaldo Ricaldoni

Teobaldo Julio Ricaldoni Saroldi, Uruguayan-born Argentine engineer, physicist and inventor (Montevideo 24 May 1861 or 1865 – La Plata, Buenos Aires Province 22 September 1923)

From Italian parentage

Brother of Americo Ricaldoni
Performed discoveries on Neptune and Pluto

Predicted a Mercury moon in magmatic state  



Wireless telegraph (1899) and its receiver  

A new system of wireless radial transmission

Panoramoscope, a new periscope system (1908)

A new design of parachute  

Propelling system for navigation without wings or propellers

Ornitoptero, a new design of helicopter

A torpedoes deviation system

Brush fire, a novel weapon design   

“Electric Cannon”

Life buoy named El Salvator

A novel submarine design that included other 27 additional inventions (1892)

 Ricaldoni switch (1899) and the  transmitter, 2 communication devices

A voltage reducing device  (Ricaldoni reducer)

Contact wheel between the cables and the trolley

A vibrator

A magnetic Cannon  

Numbered marks

Motion trains communication

Intellect Meter

Can opener  

Hydraulic lift  

Oxygen bag and packaging  

Improvements in electric vibrators for telephone and telegraphy (1900)