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Taikyue Ree

Taikyue Ree, South Korean chemist (Yesan, Chungnam 26 January 1902 – 1992)
Authored about 200 papers



With R.P. Smith, J.L. Magee & H. Eyring. The inductive effect and chemical reactivity. I. General Theory of the Inductive Effect and Application to Electric Dipole Moments of Haloalkanes. J Amer Chem Soc 73(5):2263-2268, 1951

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With J.H. Kim & F.H. Ree. High-pressure equations of state of krypton and xenon by a statistical mechanical theory. J. Chem. Physics 91(5):3133-3147, 1989

With Y. Choi & F.H. Ree. Hard-sphere radial distribution functions for face-centered cubic and hexagonal close-packed phases: Representation and use in a solid-state perturbation theory. J. Chem. Physics 95(10):7548-7561, 1991

With Y. Choi & F.H. Ree. Phase diagram of a Lennard-Jones solid. J. Chem. Physics 99(12): 9917-9919, 1993

With Y. Choi & F. H. Ree. Crystal stability of heavy-rare gas solids on the melting line. Physical Review B 48(5):2988-2991, 1993




Nobel Prize nominee


Ree-Eyring viscosity

Ree-Eyring fluid

Ree-Eyring model

Ree-Eyring constitutive equation