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Sundararaman Ramanan

Sundararaman Ramanan, Indian mathematician (Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu State 20 July 1936 –

Expert on algebraic geometry

With M.S. Narasimhan proved the existence of universal connections in differential geometry (1961-3)

Showed that moduli space of vector bundles on an algebraic curve has the same local deformation space as that of the curve

Gave a method of identifying the local deformations of moduli and a phenomenon of non-existence of Poincaré families for some of moduli spaces in low genus

Proved that irreducible homogenous bundles on rational homogeneous varieties are stable (1966)

Explained Capelli identity in terms of an element of the universal enveloping algebra of the linear group

Described the moduli space of rank 2 vector bundles over hyperelliptic curves

With Beauvifie & Narasimhan verified Verlinde formula at first level

With A. Ramanathan proved the normality of Schubert ad flag varieties 


Ramanan-Ramanathan theorem

Adler-Ramanan-Klein bundle

Paranjape-Ramanan conjecture

Narasimhan-Ramanan moduli space   

Newstead-Ramanan conjecture

Ramanan theorem

Narasimhan-Ramanan theorem

Narasimhan-Ramanan parameterization

Narasimhan-Ramanan singular curves

Narasimhan-Ramanan invariants

Narasimhan-Ramanan-Verra map

Desale-Ramanan relation