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Silvano Raia

Silvano Mario Attilio Raia, Brazilian surgeon (São Paulo 01 September 1930 –

From Italian parents

With S. Mies & J.R. Nery described and carried out the first liver transplant between living donors in the world (1988)


Developed an innovative technique in which hepatic cells from a same donor (IPS cells) are 3D bioprinted and used in transplants 

With M. Zatz, E. Goulart, L.C. Caires Jr., K.A. Telles-Silva, B.H.S. Araújo, S.A. Rocco, M. Sforca, I.L Sousa, G.S. Kobayashi, C.M. Musso, A.F. Assoni, D. Oliveira, E. Caldini & P. I. Telkes. 3D bioprinting of liver spheroids derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells sustain liver function and viability in vitro. Biofabrication (2019)  

Developed the first extracorporeal perfusion of a liver isolated from a pig using human blood with uncommon functional performance in the medical literature (1970s)

With S. Mies. Temporary hepatic assistance. IV. System and technic for the isolated perfusion of the porcine liver. Rev. Hosp. Clin. Fac. Med. S. Paulo 30(2):155-60, 1975

First technique to isolate at cellular level indirect bilirubin from conjugated bilirubin 

Histochemical demonstration of conjugated and unconjugated bilirubin using a modified diazo-reagent. Nature 205:304-5, 1965

Histochemical separation of conjugated and unconjugated bilirubin and its assessment by thin layer chromatography. J. Histochem. Cytochem. 18(2):153-8, 1970

Technique for hypotonic duodenography with double contrast

Duodenografia hipotonica com insuflação gasosa para estudo morfológico da mucosa duodenal pela técnica do duplo contraste (1965)

With L. Kreel. Gas-distension double contrast duodenography using the Scott-Harden gastroduodenal tube. Gut 7:420-4, 1966  


Technique for resection of V and VI segments

With S. Mies. Anatomic resection of liver segments V and VI. Surgery 103(3):374-5, 1988 

Technique for splenocaval anastomosis

With A. Teixeira da Silva. Selective portal decompression through splenocaval anastomosis using a Dacron prosthesis. Rev. Hosp. Clin. Fac. Med. São Paulo 30(1):69-76, 1975

Segmental hepatic vascular exclusion

With S. Mies & P.C.B. Massarollo. Segmental hepatic vascular exclusion for resection of tumors involving the liver and the inferior vena cava. Surg. Gynecol. Obstetr. 176:86-8, 1993

With S.Mies. A simple method for controlling hemorrhage during hepatectomy. Surg. Gynecol. Obstet. 168(3):265-6, 1989  

With S. Mies, C.G. Almeida, C.E. Xavier et al. Portacaval anastomosis in the rat: technic and results. Rev. Hosp. Clin. Fac. Med. S. Paulo 38(6):226-30, 1983

With E. Strauss, E. Schmidt & J. Kieffer. Intra-hepatic percutaneous deposition of radioactive xenon (133Xe) as a means of measuring hepatic blood flow. Hepatogastroenterology 27(2):99-103, 1980


With P.J. Scheuer. Method for obtaining both frozen and paraffin sections from the same liver biopsy. J. Clin. Pathol. 21(3):413-4, 1968

Intra-operative biopsy of the pancreaticoduodenal area with the freezing method. Technic and diagnostic value in 20 cases. Rev. Hosp,. Clin. Fac. Fac. Med. São Paulo 18:315-32, 1963

With H. Haselmann, L.C. Junqueira, A. Sesso et al. A method for microcinematography of secretory processes in the pancreas of the white mouse. Mikroskopie 8(11-2):400-5, 1953


With S. Mies developed a hemostatic tape for liver resections


Leader Meeting of Transplantation Society Medal (2009)