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Sergio Machado Rezende

Sergio Machado Rezende, Brazilian physicist (Rio de Janeiro 03 October 1940 –

Authored about 230 papers and 6 books

With F.M. de Aguiar obtained the first experimental observation of chaotic dynamics in excited magna by parallel pumping in Physical Review Letters 56:1070-3, 1986

With Antonio Azevedo first to report chaos control in magnetic systems, being the first time in any physical system in Physical Review Letters 66:1342-5, 1991  

With A. Azevedo, C. Chesman, F.M. Aguiar, X. Bian & S.S. Parkin first to note biquadratic coupling in ultra-thin films in Physical Review Letters 76:4837-40, 1996

With F.M. de Aguiar, M.A. Lucena & A. Azevedo first direct observation of magna excitation by spin injection into ultra-thin films in Physical Review Letters 84:4212-5, 2000

Demonstrated the value of substances magnetic field could fluctuate arbitrarily featuring a chaos state

Discovered new properties of multilayers and magnetic nanostructures

Discovered that phonons can have magnetic spin

With J. Holanda, D.S. Maior & A. Azevedo. Detecting the phonon spin in magnon-phonon conversion experiments. Nature Physics (2018)