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Santosh Kumar Ray

Santosh Kumar Ray, Indian petrologist and mineralogist (Calcutta 31 January 1908 – Calcutta 07 September 1976)


With K. Gopalan, J.R. Trivedi, M.N. Balasubramanyan & C.A. Sastry. Rb-Sr chronology of the Khetri copper belt, Rajasthan (1979)

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Inversion of fold hinge in superposed folding: an example from the Precambrian of Central Rajasthan, India (1974)

With K. Naha. Structural and metamorphic history of the “Simla klippe”: a summary. Himalayan Geology 1:1-24, 1971

With K. Naha. Metamorphic history of the Jutogli-series in the Simla klippe, Lower Himalaya (1970)

With S.K. Ghosh & B. Sen. Age and metamorphism of the rocks in the Simla area – a critical study (1966)


Rayite Basu, Bortnikov, Mookherjee, Mozgova, Tsepin & Vyalsov 1983 (Mineral)