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Rubidge family

Richard Nathaniel Rubidge, Welsh-born South African geologist (Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales 11 February 1820 – Port Elizabeth 08 August 1869)

He was a collector of fossil and living plants


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Rubidgea Tate 1867 (Fossil Plantae)


The son of his nephew, Sidney Henry Southey Rubidge, South African amateur paleontologist (Graaff-Reinet, Western district, Eastern Cape 31 May 1887 - Graaff-Reinet, Western district, Eastern Cape 26 July 1970)

His fossil museum has come to be recognized as the finest private collection of Karoo fossils in the world mainly fossil mammal-like reptiles 

HONORS (Fossil)

Rubidgea Broom 1948 & Rubidgina Broom 1942 (Reptilia)