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Rísquez family

Francisco Antonio Rísquez Alfonso, Venezuelan physician and pharmacist (Juan Griego, Nueva Esparta 10 December 1856 – Caracas 10 July 1941)
Authored over 500 works

With B. Mosquera enunciated concept of paratyphic fevers  (1893)
Described malarial melanemia or Rísquez sign (1893) 

Nocht Medal (1928)

His son, Jesus Rafael Rísquez Gonzalez, physician (Caracas 24 October 1883 – Caracas 11 December 1947)

With Pedro del Corral described Neisseria venezuelensis (1935)

Un nuevo remedio contra la tripanosomiasis. Vargas 12(8):119-24, 1921

Authored classical works on anatomical pathology of schistosomiasis

Note on the invasion of the lymphatic glands by the ova of Schistosoma mansoni

Notes on bilharziosis in Venezuela. Contribution to the study of its anatomical pathology. Gac. Med. Caracas 23(4):25-6, 1916