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Rodolfo Rohr

Rodolfo Rohr, Austro-Hungarian born Brazilian chemical engineer and entrepneur (Dorog, Komárom-Esztergom County 18 July 1926 – Campinas, São Paulo State 24 March 2018)

Developed technology for sterol extraction by molecular distillation

Proposed a vaporization tunnel (solution of neem oil and water) for fighting cattle ticks

Suggested technology for power generation based on agricultural wasters and biogas for rural regions


With A. Nikzad & A.K. Kuszlik. Method and device for purifying high melting organic raw products or compound mixtures by means of fractionated melting crystallisation from solvent mixtures (2006) US8056362B2; US20090209773; MY158640A; BRPI0613978; EP1907088; WO2007012214

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Processo de produção de biodiesel- etil e metil esteres a partir de borra de refino quimico ou físico de oleos vegetais ou animais. BRPI0405705A (2004)

With R. Rohr. Process for separating unsaponifiable valuable products from raw materials (2002) US20050054866; US2005003027; US20030120095; US6846941; PL370828; ZA200405510

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Process for the extraction and concentration of unsaponifiables from the residues and by-products of animal and vegetable products (2000) AU2001263677A1 EP1292658B1 NZ523593 AU2007202034 WO 0198444A3

Process for separating saponifiable and non-saponifiable compounds comprised in a vegetable or animal raw material (2001) WO2003052034A1 EP1458839 CA2469754

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