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Ringuelet family

Raul Adolfo Ringuelet, Argentine zoologist, biogeographer, hydrobiologist, ecologist and parasitologist (La Plata 10 September 1914 – Puerto Madryn, Chubut Province 29 April 1982)

From French ancestry

Authored 202 scientific works and 8 books

Determined new systems of biological types from benthic fauna

Proposed a character-index for differentiation of specific and infraspecific fishes taxa (1964)

Performed the first studies about heterotrophic ciliates of Antarctica

With L.A. Bulla. Un nuevo artefacto para el muestreo estratificado de plankton en ambientes someros (A new stratified sampler for shallow waters) Physis Sect B 33(87):241-6, 1974




Cyclobdellidae 1972

Diestecostomatidae 1953

Mesobdellidae 1972

Nesophilaemonidae 1982


Acritobdella 1978

Adaetobdella 1978

Caribeobdella 1976

Dacnobdella 1978

Gloiobdella 1978

Maiabdella 1980

Orchibdella 1976

Patagoniobdella 1972

Tribothrynobdella 1976




Guaranobunus 1954

Protodiasia 1954

Simplicibunus 1953




Valid Species

Diplomystes cuyanus 1965

Diplomystes mesembrinus 1982

Hyphessobrycon meridionalis 1978 with Miquelarena & Menni









Raulringueletia Zetti 1972 (Fossil Mammalia) 

Ringueletium Garcia 1990 (Protozoa)

His wife, Andreina Celeste Marina Bocchino de Ringuelet, vertebrate paleontologist (1915 – 15 April 2001)



Borhyaenidium 1963 with Pascual

Microbiotheridion 1953 


Austrolepidotes 1974

Luisiella 1967

Neosemionotus 1973

Propygidium 1964


Ringueletia Reig 1958 (Fossil Mammalia)

Daughter of couple, Adela Emilia Ringulet Bocchino, astrophysicist (La Plata, Buenos Aires Province 27 March 1930 -

Married to astronomer Jorge Sahade


With R. Vallverdú, L. Cidale & R. Rohrmann. Atmospheric models of He-peculiar stars: synthetic He I line profiles and absolute visual magnitudes. Astroph. Space Science 352(1):95, 2014  

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With L. Houziaux. Ecliptic coordinates of selected hot stars (1972)

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Paschen discontinuity in B stars. Astroph Space Sct 5(4), 1969

With C.O.K. Jaschek. Note on the evolution of the Cepheids. Z. Astrophys. 48:22-7, 1959

With M.L. Arías, J. Zorec & L.S. Cidale. Properties of regions forming the Fe II emission lines in Be stars

Double absorption cores in the shell spectrum of 48 Librae

Spectrophotometry properties of Be stars: the Be shell star

Diagnosis of low density regions through the Fe II line profiles


Asteroid 5793 Ringuelet