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Riazuddin, Pakistani theoretical physicist (Ludhiana, Punjab 10 November 1930 – Islamabad 09 September 2013)

Authored 165 publications, 3 books and 5 book chapters

Authored the books Theory of Weak Interaction in Particle Physics (1969) with R.E. Marshak & C.P. Ryan and A modern introduction to particle physics (1992) with Fayyazuddin


First to use the dispersion relation for Compton scattering of virtual photons on pions to analyze their charge radii (1959)

With Fayyazuddin the firsts to apply current algebra in neutrino scattering to determine the scale invariance of chiral symmetry (1972)

With L.K. Pandit proposed a precursor of Melosh transformation

Introduced SU(3) symmetry in the theory of light neutrinos (2007)

Pointed out the formation of a new type of Seesaw mechanism (2008)