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Renato Radicella

Renato Radicella, Italian-born Argentine nuclear and radiochemist (Messina 06 July 1934 – 22 April 2011)

Authored over 50 papers and books

Developed new methods for radioisotopes production


Sb-126 (with H. Bosch)

Sb-126m, Sb-128 and Sb-128m (with I. Franz & J. Rodríguez)


With R.A. Caro, T. de Paoli, A.A. Hager & R. Szyszkowsky. Preparation, physicochemical properties and biological behaviour of a radiogold colloid stabilized with gelatine of isoelectric point 92. Int. J. Appl. Radiat. Isotopes 23(8):382-4, 1972

 With H. Kurcbart, S. Quiroga & R.A. Caro. Microdetermination of iodine in carrier-free 131 I solutions (1972)

With R.P. Fragoso. A new method for the preparation of carrier-free phosphorus 32. Comis. Nacional Energia Atomica 19:342-8, 1964 & Radiochim. Acta 4(2):106-7, 1965

With H. Kurcbart. A new P32-labelled colloid for medical use. Inter. J. Appl. Radia. Isot. 23(8):382-4, 1965

With O.L. Garzón & M.C. Palcos. Un Nuevo coloide marcado con Tc-99m (Technetium 99m labeled colloid). Comis. Nacional Energia Atomica vol. 152, 1964 & Int. J. Appl. Radiat. Isotopes 16:613, 1965

With H. Kurcbart. Un nuevo coloide marcado con P-32: su preparación y su distribución en ratones. Comis. Nacional Energia Atomica vol 163, 1964

With S. Abrashkin. A production method for 131iodine from irradiated uranium oxides. Comis. Nacional Energia Atomica vol 101, 1963

With M.C. Palcos de Enquin & J. Rodríguez. Um método de analisis elemental orgânico por activación (1960)