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Pablo Rudomin

Pedro Pablo Rudomín Zevnovaty, Mexican neurophysiologist (Ciudad de Mexico 15 June 1934 - 

Son of Jewish Russian immigrants

Authored over 122 papers

Suggested that presynaptic inhibition of muscle spindles and tendinous receptors afferent terminals are mediated by last order distinct interneurons 

Showed that aortic and sinus nerve afferent terminals are not influenced by presynaptic mechanism (1968)

With Burke & Zajac described a second form of posttetanic potentiation (1976)

With H. Kato, C.A. Cuellar, R. Delgado-Lezama, I. Jimenez Estrada, E. Manjarez & C.R. Mirasso reported the first evidence of the phenomenon of travelling electrical waves produced by populations of interneurons within the spinal cord (2013)

With J. R. Equibar, J. Quevedo & I. Jimenez first provided direct evidence showing that the motor cortex is able to modify in a highly selective manner the synaptic effectiveness of individual collaterals of the same primary afferent fiber (1994)

With M. Solodkin & I. Jimenez documented the existence of a distinct group of interneurons whose activity is associated with the recording of inhibitory potentials in ventral roots (1987) 



With L. Macpherson showed arterial blood pressure oscillations as a method for investigating blood pressure level (1963)

With J. Madrid, J. Alvarado & H. Dutton. A method for the dynamic continuous estimation of excitability changes of single fiber terminals in the central nervous system. Neurosci. Letters 11(3):253-6, 1979 

With J. Quevedo, J.R. Equibar & J. Lomeli developed a technique for determining the connections of single spinal interneurons with afferent fibers and motoneurons (1997)

With E.E. Rodríguez, E. Hernandez Lemus, B.A. Itzá-Ortiz & I. Jimenez presented a multichannel version of the detrended fluctuation analysis to reveal the synchronization of multiple groups of neurons in several segments of the spinal cord (2011) 

With D. Vidaurre, E.E. Rodríguez, C. Bielsa & P. Larrañaga. A new feature extraction method for signal classification applied to cord dorsum potential detection. J. Neural Eng. 9(5), 2012


Krieg Achievement Award, Ramon y Cajal International Association (2002)

Fogarty Scholar, National Institute of Health, USA (1984-91)