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Marcel Roche

Marcel Roche Dugand, Venezuelan physician and scientist (Caracas 15 August 1920 – Miami 03 May 2003)

From French descent
Authored 101 scientific papers and 12 books and monographs
Designed a special apparatus for observation and filming of hookworm


With M.E. Perez Gimenez & A. Levy. Isotopic tracer method for measurement of iron lost into and re-absorbed from Gastro-intestinal bleeding lesions. Nature 180:1278-9, 1957
With C. Martinez Torres. A method for in vitro study of hookworm activity. Exper. Parasitol. 9:250-6, 1960  

Paper in famous reviews 

With C. Martínez Torres & L. MacPherson. Electroesophagogram of individual hookworm (Ancylostoma caninum). Science 136:148-50, 1962


Doctor Honoris Causa, Case Institute of Technology (1960)

Doctor Honoris Causa, Saint Joseph’s University (1992)