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Luis Felipe Rodriguez

Luis Felipe Rodríguez Jorge, Mexican radio astronomer (Merida, Yucatán State 29 May 1948 -

From Lebanese-descent mother

Authored over 300 papers with more than 20,000 citations (two of his papers were cover of Nature)


Discovered high velocity bipolar outflows in regions of star formation (1980)

Detected neutral hydrogen in planetary nebulae (1982)

Discovered the mechanism that powers Herbig-Haro objects (1981 & 1985)

Obtained evidences of protoplanetary disks in young stars (1986, 1992, 1996 & 1998)

Discovered the first source with superluminal motions in Milky Way (1994)

With F. Mirabel established the concept of micro-quasars (1992)

Presented detailed ionization structure models of gaseous nebulae, for different electron densities and ionizing radiation fields

With M. Peimbert & S. Torres Peimbert. Ionization structure of gaseous nebulae: sulphur, nitrogen and helium. Rev. Mex. Astron. Astrofis. 1:129, 1974  


President of Radioastronomy Division, International Astronomical Union (2003-6)

Bruno Rossi Prize, American Astronomical Society (1996)

Robert J. Trumpler Prize, Astronomic Society of the Pacific for his thesis Radio recombination line observations of the ionized gas in the galactic center (1978)