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Leopoldo Rio de La Loza

Leopoldo Rio de La Loza Guillén, Mexican chemist and pharmacist (Ciudad de Mexico 14 November 1807 – Ciudad de Mexico 02 May 1876)
Authored about 70 works
Extracted from Perezia adnata the crystalline form of pipitzahoic acid (1852) today known as perezone. This substance have multiple uses as purgative, dye and detector of sodium salts.

Described a new reactive paper

Nuevo papel reactivo. Periodico Soc. Filoiatr. Mexico 1:112, 1844

A procedure for obtaining calomel

Nuevo procedimiento para obtener el proto-cloruro de mercúrio. Periodico Soc. Filoiatr. Mexico 1:153-5, 1844

A simple method for preparing zinc varerianate

Metodo facil para preparar el varerianato de zinc.  


First Class Medal, Society for the Protection of Industrial Arts of London (1856)