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Leonídio Ribeiro

Leonídio Ribeiro Filho, Brazilian coroner (São Paulo 04 November 1893 -  27 February 1976) 
Joined Castellanos regarded as a founder of clinical dactyloscopy
First to report histopathologically the anatomo-physiological changes on fingerprints caused by leprosy (1933)

Demonstrated irrefutably for the first time the relation of cause and effect between the existing change in the papillary designs and the lesions shown by the patients (1933)

Discovered diagnostic signs on fingerprints due to many nervous diseases and created and named dactylodiagnosis

First to adopt the motion pictures in criminal investigation as general routine work (1934)

Authored two classical books: Pathologie des empreintes digitales (1946) & Omosessualita I Endocrinologia (1939) 

Vice-president, International Society of Medicine 

Lombroso Prize, Reale Accademia di Medicina, Italy (1933)