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Keshava Prabhakar Rode

Keshava Prabhakar Rode, Indian geologist and palaeobotanist (Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh 03 November 1903 - 1985)




Tricoccites 1933


Cyclanthodendron sahnii

Nipadites hindi 1933

Palmoxylon hislopii 1933

Palmoxylon kawalami 1933

Palmoxylon sahnii

Parajugloxylon mohgaoense 1936

Rhizopalmoxylon penchiensis 1934

Tricoccites trigonum 1933


Hyolithes rohitaswei 1946


Geo-kinetic Evolution of Greater India (1954)

With M.W. Chaudhuri. Crystal dissociation in the formation of minerals and rocks (1954)

The Gondwana Formations of India and the nature of Gondwanaland (1953)

A new theory of sheet movements and continental expansion (1953)

Khondalite-charnockitic association in Palamau District, Bihar. Pr. Ind. Sci. Congr. Ass. 35(3):143, 1948

On the origin the origin of mica in pegmatites. Quart. J. Geol. Min. Met. Soc. India 19:1-6, 1947

On charnockite rocks of Palamau district, Bihar. Pr. Ind. Sci. Congr. Ass. 34(3):1947

On the submarine volcanic origin of rock-salt deposits. Proc. Ind. Acad. Sciences Sect B 20(4):130-42, 1944

On the stratigraphic and tectonic correlations of the Sirmoor Rock formations, Simla Himalayas.  Proc. Ind. Acad. Sciences Sect B 17(6):157-76, 1943

On the nature of the Blaini Boulder Bed. Proc. Ind. Acad. Sciences Sect B 17(1):1-12, 1943

The geology of Morcote Peninsula and the petrochemistry of Lugano (1942)

With B. Sahni. Fossil plants from the Deccan intertrappean beds at Mohgaon Kalan, C.P. with a note on the geological position of the plant-bearing beds. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. India 7(3):165-74, 1938

With G.W. Chlponkar. A contribution to the study of Bagh beds (1937)

With B. Sahni. Fossil plants from the intertrappean beds of Mohgaon Kalan, in the Deccan, with a sketch of the Geology of Chhindwara district (1937)

A note on fossil angiosperms fruits from the Deccan intertrappean beds of Central Provinces. Curr. Sci. 2:171-2, 1933

HONORS (Fossil Plantae)

Rodeites Sahni 1943 

Rodeocarpon Kapgate, Patil & Ilamkar 2005