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Julio Rey Pastor

Julio Rey Pastor, Spanish / Argentine mathematician (Logroño 14 August 1888 – Buenos Aires 21 February 1962)
Son in law of surgeon Avelino Gutierrez
Authored Elementos de analisis algebraico (1917), in which introduced his own discoveries and innovations
Enunciated theorem of Rey Pastor and Rey Pastor algorithm in Rendiconti di Palermo, 1931

Developed new summation methods

Un metodo de sumacion de series. Rend. Circ. Mat. Palermo 55, 1931


Demonstrated Jordan theorem for closed polyhedral varieties in topology of n-dimensional space


Introduced synthetic reasoning in complex geometry


First demonstrated homeomorphism as a geometric correspondence


Defined index of a doman in regard to a point and the index of a point

Une generalization elementaire de la convergence. Bol. Sem. Matem. 3(13), 1933


Studied Rey Pastor D0 spaces
Espacios D0. Rev. Univ. Tucumán Serie A1: 105-24, 1940
Eponym of Rey Pastor associated points
Created a new science named preology (1950s)

Rey Pastor lunar crater (not accepted)

Invited Lecturer, International Congress of Mathematicians (1920 & 1928)