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Jose Ellis Ripper Filho

José Ellis Ripper Filho, Brazilian physicist (Rio de Janeiro 25 February 1939 -

Authored 71 papers and one book

Developed innovative technologies in photonics

His lab was the third in the world to obtain second generation semiconductor laser

PATENTS (15; incomplete)

With T.L. Paoli. Mode locking in semiconductor lasers US3696310A (1969)

With T.L.Paoli. Optical coupling of adjacent stripe contact geometry semiconductor lasers US3701044A (1970)

With T.L. Paoli. Dynamic fm control of the trasverse modes of a self-pulsing semiconductor laser US3723903A (1971)

With L. Asaro. Double heterojunction laser containing intermediate homojunction CA968443A & DE2258087A1 (1971)