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José Reis

José Reis, Brazilian veterinarian and science popularizer (Rio de Janeiro 12 June 1907 – São Paulo 16 May 2002)
Recognized as a world expert on avian diseases
Coined the term ornithopathology
With P.C. Nóbrega described Eimeria rhynchoti 1936 (Protozoa Apicomplexa) 
With P. C. Nóbrega proposed inoculation in pigeons as way for diagnosis of avian cholera in Arqu. Inst. Biol. 8:183, 1937
Described Aspergillum keratomycosis in Arqu. Inst. Biol. 11:437-50, 1939
With P. C. Nóbrega described a new technique for chicken embryo egg based vaccine preparation for avian spirochaetosis in Arqu. Inst. Biol. S. Paulo 12:87, 1941
Developed a prophylactic vaccine for avian yaws 
With his wife, pharmacist Anita Sodré Swensson Reis (1910 - 1999) and Paulo da Cunha Nóbrega authored Tratado de Ornitopatologia (Treatise of Ornithopathology) translated to many languages (1936). This book was regarded as complete and used (in Portuguese) at Rutgers University
With K.M. Silberschmidt & H. Rocha Lima authored Methoden der Virusforschungen later incorporated to Abderhalden’s Handbuch der biologischen Arbeitsmethoden (1939)