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Jorge Reynolds

Jorge Reynolds Pombo, Colombian biomedical engineer (Santafé de Bogotá 22 June 1936 –

From British father and relative to scientist Francisco José de Caldas

Authored 174 papers

Discovered the similarity between that human and cetacean hearts

Obtained the electrocardiogram records of several aquatic vertebrates (1984)

Designed and built electrocardiogram equipment suitable to whales researches (1985)

First to study the cardiac effects of alpinism (1978)


The first external pacemaker with inner electrodes and external electronic unit (1958)

An equipment for electrocardiogram via telemetry (1971)

With Jorge Hernando Ulloa & Jorge Ulloa Domínguez. The first external venous pacemaker in the world for prevention of thrombosis in airplane passengers (1999) 

The first nanotelepacemaker (2011)

A wireless sensor for measuring pH changes around a implant (2012)

A nanosensor for management of facial paresthesis (2013)

A brain nanopacemaker for management of Parkinson & Alzheimer syndromes (2013)