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Jisheng Ruan

Jisheng Ruan, Chinese microbiologist (Tangshan City, Hebei Province 1926 –

Developed a method for controlling soft rot disease of cabbage (1956)

Helped to establish the importance of spore surface ornamentation in the classification and identification of Actinomycetes (1964)

Developed a method to distinguish between aerial and substrate hyphae in coverslip cultures for recognition of actinomycete genera (1963) published in Acta Microbiologica Sinica (1974)

Discovered several new interesting bioactive compounds such as benzamides, quinazolines, azalomycin macrocyclic lactones and a new sesquiterpene from Streptomyces strains

With D. Qiu & Y. Huang developed improved methods for selective isolation of diverse actinomycetes of genus Micromonospora and a genus-specific nested PCR for rapid identification of putative Micromonospora isolates (2008)



Actinopolymorpha 2001 with Y.M. Wang, Zhang, Xu & Y. Wang

Amycolata 1986 with Lechevalier, Prauser & Labeda

Amycolatopsis 1986 with Lechevalier, Prauser & Labeda

Thermobifida 1998 with Zhang & Wang

Thermobispora 1996 with Y. Wang & Z. Zhang

Nomomuraea 1998 with Zhang & Wang


93 (until 2011)

HONORS (Bacteria)

Jishengella Xie, Wang, Qu, Lin, Goodfellow & Hong 2011

Ruania Gu, Pasciak, Luo, Gamian, Liu & Huang 2007