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Ignacio Rodríguez Iturbe

Ignacio Rodríguez Iturbe, US / Venezuelan hydraulic engineer (Caracas 08 March 1942 –

Internationally respected as expert on hydraulic climatology

Described tridimensional fundamental structure of hydrographic cuencas and the mechanisms that give rise of them  

Formulated one of the first self-similar models to simulate extreme behavior

Introduced Bayesian approaches to estimate parameters of stream flow simulating models and to select models of extremes

Developed the Geomorphological Instantaneous Unit Hydrograph (GIUH) to quantify the discharge of a basin as function of basin geometry and rainfall

First to provide a sound theoretical basis for sampling the rainfall process in space and time

Showed that organization of the basin and resulting landscape patterns are not the result of randomness but process-driven phenomena that can be quantified in terms of well-defined principles

Superheaded the use of point processes and fields to represent precipitation in space and time

Showed that simple nonlinearities in the land-atmosphere dynamics have on patterns of hydrologic variables (i.e. soil moisture)

First to connect the geomorphologic structure of the river basin to its hydrologic response

With Rinaldo defined optimal channel networks

First to provide a sound theoretical basis for the way drainage basins and their networks are arranged (1997)

Developed a simple model for predicting the biodiversity of fish in river networks (2008)