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Henrique da Rocha Lima

Henrique da Rocha Lima, Brazilian tropical physician and anatomical pathologist (Rio de Janeiro 24 November 1879 – São Paulo 12 April 1956)

Described genus Rickettsia and species Rickettsia prowazeki, etiologic agent of exanthematic typhus independently from H. Topfer (1916)


With M. Mayer & H. Werner performed histopathological studies on bartonellosis (1913)


Recognized nature and origin of Carrión disease or bartonellosis


Characterized histopathologically bartonellosis discovering intracellular localization of its etiologic agent known as Rocha Lima inclusions


Described Rocha Lima lesion or sign that is a hepatic mediolobular necrosis used as post-mortem diagnosis of yellow fever


Demonstrated that epizootic lymphangitis and histoplasmosis were fungal diseases (1913)

Performed histopathological studies on blastomycosis (1923-4)


Laid the basis of histopathological classification of blastomycosis that was widely used

Demonstrated histologically birds contagious epithelioma virus   

Described calcium inclusions of the kidney in yellow fever (1912) before Hoffmann (1924) 



Developed a technique for demonstrating elementary bodies in avian bouba 


With H. Aragão developed a technique of bacteriological diagnosis for plague with results in 16 hours


Developed a method of vital coloration 


Established a technique to obtain vaccine for typhus 




With K.M. Silberschmidt & J. Reis authored Methoden der Virusforschungen later incorporated to Abderhalden’s Handbuch der biologischen Arbeitsmethoden (1939) 


With Miguel Couto wrote chapters about yellow fever in Carl Mense’s Handbuch der Tropenkrankheiten (1929) and  Nicola Pende’s  Endocrinologia, Patologia I Clinica degli organi a secrezione interna (1923-4)




Bernhard Nocht Medal, Tropeninstitut (1921)

Subgenus Rochanyssus Castro 1948 (Acari)

Councilman-Rocha Lima corpuscles or bodies

Rocha Lima test