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Heinrich Rheinboldt

Heinrich Rheinboldt, German/Brazilian chemist (Karlsruhe, Baden 11 August 1891 – São Paulo 05 December 1955)
The famous chemist Heinrich Caro, one of founders of BASF, was his grandfather
Authored 181 publications, being 5 books  
Gained international recognition in complexes chemistry 

Developed thaw-melt method for studying binary systems in thermal analysis

With K. Henning & M. Kircheisen. Eine method zur untersuchung binarer systeme. I. J. Prakt. Chem. 111:242, 1925.

Reported that most of adducts were 1:1 or 1:2 compounds

Zuzammensetzung und Aufbau organischer Molekulverbindung. Z. Angew. Chem. 39:765, 1926.

Rheinboldt reaction

Eine einfache reaktion auf sulfhydrylgruppen. Ber. 60:184-6, 1927 

First to obtain selenium trioxide (1930) 

Prepared the first sulfenyl iodide

With E. Motzkus. Chem. Ber. 72 B:657-67, 1939.

Enunciated a new principle for classifying molecular organic compounds

With P. Senise. Sobre um novo princípio de classificação dos compostos orgânicos moleculares. Quimica 1:3-14, 1942. 
Discovered with Giesbrecht, selenenyl selenocyanates, selenenylthiolates (1950), the aromatic triselenides and selenenyl sulphides (1955)
Discovered new compounds such as thionitrites, thioglycerol, etc.

First to systemize organic chemistry of tellurium

Eponym of Rheinboldt test for oximes


Van’t Hoff Award, Royal Academy of Sciences of Netherlands (1936) 


Selecta chimica 16:5-26,1957