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Emilio Rosenblueth Deutsch

Emilio Rosenblueth Deutsch, Mexican earthquake engineer (Ciudad de Mexico 08 April 1926 – Ciudad de Mexico 11 January 1994)

Nephew of physiologist Arturo Rosenblueth Stearns
Authored about 280 scientific articles
With Nathan M. Newmark authored a classic book Fundamentals of Earthquake Engineering (1971)
Recognized as world leader in the development of the probability theory for the analysis of seismic response of linear systems


Introduced the concept of optimal design of structures to the section of tremors (1971)
Authored several innovative structural systems that helped in obtaining efficient solutions to important engineering problems
Developed a probabilistic model for studying the influence of soft soil on the characteristics of earthquake ground motion
Introduced a number of innovative concepts on earthquake-resistant building design later adopted by other countries
Proposed methods and criteria for taking into account the simultaneous action of several earthquake-ground motion components
Developed criteria to process information coming together of several seismic sources
Developed conceptual models of geophysical process of energy saving in potential seismic sources and its sudden release as tremors
Showed solution to time domain for problem of cutting waves propagation  in viscoelastic stratified media
Introduced use of cylindrical shells of concrete reinforced to transmit the buildings’ load to soil
Perfected a method for rational choice of probabilistic models to describe the process of occurrence of great subduction earthquakes 

Introduced square root of sum of squares (SRSS) rule (1950-1) and with J. Elorduy complete quadratic combination (CQC) rule (1969)



Walter L. Huber Research Prize (1965)

Moiseff Award (1966)

Alfred M. Freudenthal Medal (1967)

Honorary Member, International Association for Earthquake Engineering (1977)

Honorary Member, American Society of Civil Engineers (1981)

Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Waterloo (1983)

Newmark Medal, American Society of Civil Engineers (1987)

Bernardo Houssay Prize, OAS (1988)

Doctor Honoris Causa, Carnegie Mellon University (1989)

Rosenblueth rule, employed to estimate maximal structural response  

Rosenblueth-Esteva relaxation method (1964)

Newmark-Rosenblueth method

Rosenblueth point estimation method (1975)


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