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Calyampudi Radhakrishna Rao

Calyampudi Radhakrishna Rao, Indian statistician and mathematician (Hwuina, Hadagalli Village, Bellary District, Karnataka State 10 September 1920 –
Respected as one of great statisticians of 20th century


Authored over 350 research papers and 14 books

Devised the criterion of second order efficiency

Established optimal properties of maximum livelihood estimation

Introduced differential geometric concepts in statistical inference and appear

Introduced analysis of dispersion in multivariate analysis (MANOVA)

Enunciated concept of orthogonal arrays of strength d (1949)

Created Rao efficient score test (1947)


Wilks Medal, American Statistical Association (1989)

National Medal of Science, United States (2002)

Mahalanobis International Award, International Statistical Institute (2003)

Guy Medal, Royal Statistical Society, United Kingdom (2011)


Cramer-Rao inequality (1945)

Rao distance

Blackwell-Rao theorem or Rao Blackwellization (1945)

Rao-Blackwell estimator  

Lehman-Scheffe-Rao theorem  

Cramer-Rao bound

Cramer-Rao functional  

Fisher-Rao theorem

Fisher-Rao metric  

Rao measure

Rao theorem  

Neyman-Rao test  

Rao least squares  

Rao covariance structure  

Rao U test  

Rao F test  

Rao paradox  

Rubon-Rao theorem  

Lau-Rao theorem

Lau-Rao-Shanbhag theorems

Rao-Yanoi generalized inverse theorem   

Rao-Khatri-Linnik-Shanbhag theorems on characterization of probability models 

Kagan-Linnik-Rao theorem  

Guttman-Rao relationships (1948)

Rao generalized inverse of a matrix

Rao quadratic entropy