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André Pinto Rebouças

André Pinto Rebouças, Brazilian engineer (Cachoeira, Bahia State 13 January 1838 – Funchal, Madeira Island 09 May 1898)


Suggested multiple docks (1863)

Developed a kind of torpedo in time of war against Paraguay

Published an incomplete monograph “Ensaio de um vocabulário technico da arte de construir e das sciencias accessorias, nas línguas franceza, ingleza e nacional” (1867-8), with which aided to elaborate an engineering’s technical terminology. These technique normalization anticipated that it occurred in Europe (1868-9)    

Figured out an original design of a pier with perpendicular moles (1867), the first in the world. This concept was adopted later in New York City seaport (1870)
Invented a machine for tensile testing on cement mortar test specimens (1866)