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Alvaro Reynoso

Alvaro Francisco Carlos Reynoso y Valdés, Cuban agronomist and chemist (Alquízar, Habana Province 04 November 1829 – La Habana 11 August 1888)


Studied in France under Theophile Jules Pelouze (1848-56)

Developed a new procedure for studying iodine and bromine (1849)

Observed diverse new combinations of ammonia and cyanochlorides

Notas sobre las diversas combinaciones nuevas del amoniaco con los cianoferruros y en particular com los cianoferruros de níquel (1850)


Published Memoria obre la Presencia de sangre em la orina de las personas sometidas a La inalación de medicamentos anestesicos, with which received Montyon Prize of Medicine and Surgery from Academie des Sciences de Paris (1854)


His doctoral thesis Investigaciones sobre la formación del eter was published in Annales de Chimie et de Physique de Paris (1856). This research was well received in French and Spanish scientific circles.


Proposed reducting sugar cane in pulp until to obtain a homogenous paste favouring total extraction of juice and to amplify his percentage

Conceived Reynoso system, an integral system of agrotechnical measures for intensive cultivation of sugar cane whose principles are in currency until in our days

Published Ensayo sobre el cultivo de la caña de azucar or Essay about sugar cane cultivation (1862), that was regarded as one of the main works about sugar cane and translated to many languages, revolutionising sugar industry due to introduce scientific methodology in yield and management


Devised an apparatus for making the sugar cane produce 80% of sugar. This invention was silver medal distinguished at Industrial Fair of Paris (1878) 

Patented a new method of sugar crystallization employing  cold treatment

A patent about dividing sugar cane in rough sticks using rotative knifes (1874)

A new alumina defecator  

A method to preserve permanently fresh meat joint its odor, color and flavour

A solution for embalming corpses (1858-9)


Reynosia Grisebach 1866 (Rhamnaceae)