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Alfonso Romo de Vivar

Alfonso Romo de Vivar y Romo, Mexican organic chemist (San Francisco de los Romos, Aguascalientes 30 April 1928 –
Authored over 170 works
Studied molecular structures of natural products from Mexican flora and discovered new chemicals from them
Gained international recognition for his studies on sesquiterpenic lactones
Proposed biogenetical relationships of certain subgroups of natural products
Isolated and determined chemicals as mexicanines A, B and C (1959-61), zaluzanines (1967) and franserine (1968)
Discovered that seeds of many species from genus Yucca had steroidal glycosides (1975-7) and showed that their oils were edible
Patented a method for synthesizing natural steroids of pharmaceutical importance from Yucca sp. (Mexican Patent 139297, 1979)

Described Romo de Vivar transformation, a reaction of transformation involving a 2-acetoxy-brominated compound into a 2-hydroxy-acetylated compound

With J. Romo. Some experiments with 16 β-bromo-17 α-acetoxy-20 ketosteroids. Synthesis of 16 α-17α-dihydroxysteroids and related compounds. J. Org. Chem. 21:902-9, 1956