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Adolfo Max Rothschild

Adolfo Max Rothschild, Jewish Brazilian pharmacologist (São Paulo 09 September 1926 – Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo State 10 April 2009)
Observed reversible granular swelling of mast cells 
With M. Rocha e Silva & I. Vugman established the role of cellular energetic metabolism in histamine release 
Demonstrated the importance of experimental utilization of celluloses sulphate as depleting agent of bradykinin precursor
Demonstrated the importance of bradykinin release in mediating adrenaline-induced lung edema
Developed methods and techniques for studying histamine release

With M. Rocha e Silva. Experimental design for bioassay of a material inducing strong tachyphylactic effect (anaphylatoxin). Br. J. Pharmacol. Chemother. 11(3):252-62, 1956  

With M. Rocha e Silva authored Anaphylatoxin, histamine depletion and skin reactions in the rat. Nature 175:987, 1955 


Visiting Professor, College of Medicine, Tel Aviv University (1969)