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Abrahão Rotberg

Abrahão Rotberg, Brazilian dermatologist (Rio de Janeiro 12 January 1912 – São Paulo 01 November 2006)
From  Jewish Romanian parents 
Internationally known on leprosy allergy and immunology 
Authored about 200 scientific and popular works

Distinguished tuberculoid leprosy and Virchowian leprosy (1933)

Demonstrated the value of Mitsuda reaction forecast (1934)

Proposed the existence of a genetic factor of natural resistance to leprosy (factor N of Rotberg) and hansen-anergic fringe of susceptilibility to disease

Some aspects of immunity in leprosy and their importance in epidemiology, pathogenesis and classification of forms of the disease; based on 1529 lepromin tested cases. Rev. Bras. Leprol. Suppl. 5:45-97, 1937

Fator N de resistência à lepra e relações com a reatividade lepromínica e tuberculínica. Valor duvidoso do BCG na imunização antileprosa. Rev. Bras. Leprol. 25:85-106, 1957  

Developed Rotberg-Bechelli technique for preparation of Mitsuda antigen

Tratado de Leprologia II. Etiopatogenia e Anatomia Patológica (1944)