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Sanqiang Qian & Zehui He

Sanqiang Qian (Tsien), Chinese nuclear physicist (Huzhou, Zhejiang Province 16 October 1913 – Beijing 28 June 1992)

Discovered a new kind of fission in uranium atoms

Developed some inventions

Honored with Henri de Parville Award for Physics (1946)

His wife, Zehui He, physicist (Suzhou, Jiangsu Province 05 March 1914 – Beijing 20 June 2011)

With L. Vigneron & R. Castel proved the existence of ternary fission, explained its mechanism and predicted the mass spectrum of the fragments (1946)

Performed the first observation of quaternary fission (1946)

First observed the elastic scattering of electrons with positrons

A new precise and simple method of measuring the speed of flying bullets. Doctoral Thesis (1940)