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Renyuan Qian

Renyuan Qian, Chinese polymer chemist (Changshu, Jiangsu Province 19 September 1917 – 2003)

Authored 240 papers, 40 review articles and book chapters (until 1997)

Introduced a concept of cohesional entanglement through local nematic interaction of neighboring chain segments (1997)

Proposed dynamic contact concentration concept

Proposed a new predictive equation for liquid diffusion coefficients (1996)

Created methods for modifying the distribution of molecular weight to adapt to the requirements of processing function of polypropylene

Developed new types of organic conductors

Developed an electronic circuit for the precise measurements of dipole moments

With Q. Ying, P. Xie & Y. Liu applied a new eluting solvent (cyclohexane) for steric exclusion liquid chromatography of i-polypropylene (1986)

With Z.M. Hu, S.X. Chen & S. Zhang established focal-conic texture decoration, a new decoration method (2000)


With Q. Fan, Y. Liu, R. Xu & D. Zhao. Technology for high speed spinning polypropylene. CN 85100885 (1985)

With M. Wu & Y. Wang. Polyester elastomer and multifunction group epoxy modified polyester composition and process for preparing the same. CN 96109103 (1997)