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Quisumbing brothers

Eduardo Arguelles y Quisumbing, Philippine botanist (Santa Cruz, Laguna 24 November 1895 – Quezón City 23 August 1986)

Authored 137 papers

Described 186 new plant species


Medicinal Plants of Philippines (1951)

Vegetable poisons of the Philippines. Philipp. J. Forest 5:146, 1947

With J.B. Juliano. Development of the ovule and embryo sac in Coccos nucifera L. Bot. Gaz. 84:279-93, 1927

With A.W. Thomas. Conditions affectant la determination quantitative des sucres réducteurs par la liqueur de Fehling. Elimination de certaine erreurs dans les methods. Am. Soc. 43:1503-26, 1921

Comparative study of conditions affecting the determination of reducing sugars by Fehling solution (1921)

Determination of glucose and starch by the alkaline potassium permanganate method. Philipp. J. Science 16:581-01, 1920

The cultivated root-producing aroids. Philipp. Agric. 3:85-98, 1914  

With G. Ocfemia. Some chemical and bacteriological effects of clearing grass land by burning. Philip. Agric. Forester3:76-8, 1914



Quisumbingia Merrill 1936 (Apocynaceae)

His brother, Francisco Arguelles Quisumbing, chemist (Santa Cruz, Laguna 03 December 1893 - ?)

Invented Quink ink