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Hernan Quintana

Hernán Quintana Godoy, Chilean astrophysicist (Curicó 19 November 1942 -

Proposed that dark matter may consist of leptons and heavy neutrinos

With D. Pierini, R. Suhada, R. Fassbender, A. Nastasi, H. Boehringer, M. Salvato et al. First simultaneous optical / near-infrared imaging of an X-ray selected, high redshift cluster of galaxies with GROND: the galaxy population of XMMU JO3387+0030at Z=1,1 (2012)

With G. Lamer, A. de Hoon, R. Fassbender, H. Bohringer, A. Schwope, R. Suhada & D. Pierini. XMMUJ 144845+085357, a new x-ray (2011)

With G. Lamer, A. de Hoon, R. Fassbender, H. Bohringer, A. Schwope, R. Suhada, D. Pierini & J. Kohnert. The x-ray spectrum of a new QSO at z=4,21 (2011)

With A. Nastasi, R. Fassbender, H. Bohringer, R. Suhada et al. Discovery of the x-ray selected galaxy cluster XMMUJO 338.8+0021 at z=1,49. Indications for a young system with a forming brightest galaxy (2011)

With J.S. Santos, R. Fassbender, A. Nastasi, H. Bohringer, P. Rosati, R. Suhada et al. Discovery of a massive x-ray luminous galaxy cluster at z=1,579. Astron. Astrophys. 531 (2011)

With T.A. Marriage, V. Acquaviva, P. Ade, P. Aguirre, M. Amiri, J Appel, L. Felipe Barrientos et al. The Atacama cosmology telescope: Sunyaev-Zeldovich selected galaxy clusters at 148GHz in the 2008 Survey. Astrophys. J. 737(2), 2010 (10 new galaxy clusters)

With A.D. Schwope, G. Lamer, A. de Hoon, J. Kohnert, H. Bohringer, J.P. Dietrich et al. XMMUJ 100750.5+125818: a strong lensing cluster at redshift 1,082. Astron. Astrophys. 513(11), 2010

Proposed that the dumbell galaxy act as a grinding machine tearing to pieces the galaxies that pass nearby

With D. Proust, G. Hertling, A. Ramirez, I. Toledo & M.J. Way. High relative velocity central dumbells in poor clusters. Astron. Nachr. 330:924, 2009

With D. Proust, E.R. Carrasco, A. Reisenegger, E. Slezak, H. Muriel, R. Dunner, L. Sodré Jr., M.J. drinkwater, Q.A. Parker & C.J. Ragone. The Shapley supercluster: the largest matter concentration in the local universe (2006)

Identified 60 new galaxy systems in Shapley supercluster

With C.J. Ragone, H. Muriel, D. Proust & A. Reisenegger. Identification and study of systems of galaxies in the Shapley supercluster. Astron. Astrophys. 445(3), 2006

With S. Andreoni, I. Valtchanov, L.R. Jones B. Altieri, M. Bremer, J. Willis & M. Pierre. Batch discovery of nine z ~ 1 clusters using x-ray and k or r, z’ images. Mont. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc. 359 (4), 2005

Presented the first application of a spherical collapse model to a supercluster of galaxies

With A. Reisenegger, E.R. Carrasco & J.R. Maze. The Shapley supercluster III. Collapse dynamics and mass of the central concentration. Astron. J. 120(2), 2000

Developed an algorithm for identifying substructures of galaxies groups type

With H. Muriel, D. Garcia Lambas & L. Infante. Dispersión de velocidades en cumulos de galaxias (2000)

With Q.A. Parker, M.J. Drinkwater, E. Slezak & D. Proust. New structure in Shapley supercluster (1999)

Presented a new observing procedure and method

With J. Melnick & F. Selman. Sky substraction for Deep Surface Photometry of the Intergalactic Light from Clusters of Galaxies (1999)

Developed a method to detect galaxies employing X ray emission

With A. Vikhlinin, B.R. McNamara, W.B. Forman, C. Jones & A. Hornstrup. A Catalog of 203 Galaxy Clusters Serendipitously detected in the ROSAT PSPC Pointed Observations. Astrophys. J. 502(2), 1998

Introduced the elasticity in General Theory of Relativity

With B. Carter. Foundations of general relativistic high-pressure elasticity theory. Proceed. Royal Soc. A 331 (1584):57-83, 1972

With B. Carter. Do neutron stars have an ocean surface? Nature 232(5310):391-2, 1971


Education Prize, American Astronomical Societ (2017) being the first non-US neither Canadian to receive it