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Germano Rodrigo Quast

Germano Rodrigo Quast, Brazilian astrophysicist (Santa Catarina State 1942 -

Found a new young stellar association calling it All Sky Young Association and developed a method to find young associations and to define their high probability members

With C.A.O. Torres & D. Montes. The All Sky Young Association (ASYA): a new young association. Proceed. Intern. Astron. Union 10 (S314), 2015

With C.A.P.C.O. Torres, C.H.F. Melo, M. Sterzik, J.R. de la Reza & L. da Silva. A method to search for associations of young stars (2003)

With R. de la Reza, C.A.P.C.O. Torres, L. da Silva & E. Jilinski discovered Pisces Association (2001)

With C.A.P.C.O. Torres, J. de la Reza, L.L. da Silva & N.A. Drake discovered The Extended RcrA Young association (2001)

With C.A.P.C.O. Torres, R. de la Reza, L.L. da Silva & C.H.F. Melo discovered the Great Austral Nearby Young Association (2001)

With C.A.P.C.O. Torres, L. da Silva, R. de la Reza & E. Jilinski. A new association of Post-T Tauri stars near the Sun. Astron. J. 120:1410-25, 2000 (Horologium association)

With R. Coziol, C.A.P.C.O. Torres, T. Contini & E. Davoust. The PDS starbust galaxies (1998) (discovered Pico dos Dias Survey (PDS) starbust galaxies)

With C.A.O. Torres, R. Coziol, F.J. Jablonski, R. de la Reza, J.R.D. Lepine & J. Gregorio Hetem. Discovery of a luminous quasar in the nearby universe. Astrophys. J. 488(1):L19-22, 1997

With J. Gregorio-Hetem, J.R.D. Lepine, C.A.P.C.O. Torres & R. de la Reza. Search for T Tauri stars based on the IRAS point source catalog II. Astron. J. 103(2):549-63, 1992 (detected 33 new T Tauri stars and a number of other interesting objects)

With J.R. de la Reza, C.A.P.C.O. Torres, G.L. Vieira & B.V. Castilho. Discovery of new isolated T Tauri stars. Astrophys. J. 343:L61-4, 1989 (TWHya Association)

With J. Bohigas, L. Carrasco & C.A.P.C.O. Torres. Rotational braking of late-type main sequence stars. Astron. Astrophys. 157:278-92, 1986 (presented a model for the angular momentum loss of late type main sequence stars)

With I.C. Busko & C.A.P.C.O. Torres. A new Southern flare star: CPD722640. Inform. Bull. Variable Stars 939:1, 1974

With C.A.P.C.O. Torres & S. Ferraz-Mello. HD197481 – a periodic dME variable star. Astrophys. Lett. 11:13-4, 1972