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Geraldo Queiroga

Geraldo Queiroga, Brazilian ophthalmologist (Belo Horizonte 22 March 1913 – Belo Horizonte 01 March 1976)

Nephew of ophthalmologist Hilton Rocha

New surgical technique for glaucoma (Irido-sclerecto-cyclodialysis), combining cyclodyalisis, Foroni’sclerectomy and iridectomy

Irido-esclerecto-ciclodialisis. Doctoral Thesis (1939)

Photography of the fundus of the eye: simplified method. Rev. Bras. Oftalm. 18:205-10, 1959

Retinal photography and ophthalmoscopy combined in one instrument. Am. J. Ophthalm. 49(6):1403-6, 1960

Slit-lamp ophthalmoscope. Am. J. Ophthalm. 62(1):161-3, 1966


Eletroretinograma: suas possibilidades clínicas (1953)

Lampe à gente et photographie. Ophthalmologica 140:129, 1960

Electroretinography, its clinical possibilities. Arq. Bras. Oftalmol. 30:303-10, 1967

Possibilidades de um tonômetro óptico


An integrated device for intuitively observing and photographing the background of the eyes ES223112A1 (1955)

Dispositif combiné permettant d’observer et de photographier le fond de l’oeil FR1110040A (1954)