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Frank Herbert Quina

Frank Herbert Quina, US-born Brazilian physical chemist (New York 23 March 1947 -

Described methodology for analysis of reaction velocities in complex systems

With H. Chaimovich. Conceptual framework for ion-exchange im micellar solutions. J. Phys. Chem (1979)

Described how the anthocyanins act as a sunblock in plants

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With A. Leiva, E. Araneda, L. Gargallo & D. Radic. New three-arm amphiphilic and biodegradable block copolymers composed of poly(epsilon-caprolactone) and poly (N-vinyl 2 pyrrolidone). Synthesis, characterization and self-assembly in aqueous solution. J. Coll. Interf. Science 310:136-43, 2007

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