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Dahe Qin

Dahe Qin, Chinese meteorologist and glaciologist (Lanzhou, Gansu Province 04 January 1947 –

Authored over 400 scientific publications

Respected as a world leader in glaciology and climatic change research

Revealed that the hydrogen isotope content in the southwestern área of Antarctic ice surface is 40% higher than that in the southeast

His findings on the distribution of stable isotope ratio in precipitation in relation to temperature, and on sources of water vapour and multiple substances and their transport pathways represent the most extensive and comprehensive research on Antarctic surface snow layer and ice sheet internationally up to present day

Demonstrated the applicability of the climate and environmental index in the ice core of Chinese mountain land


NOAA Outstanding Scientific Paper Award

Volvo Environment Prize (2013)

Honorary Member, American Meteorological Society (2011)

IMO Prize (2008)