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Antonio Quelce Salgado

Antonio Quelce-Salgado, Brazilian human geneticist (Castro, Paraná State 22 September 1932 -

Described Grebe-Quelce-Salgado chondrodysplasia

A new type of dwarfism with various bone aplasias and hypoplasia of the extremities. Acta Genet. Stat. Med. 14:63, 1964

A rare genetic syndrome. Lancet 1:1430, 1968 

Papers in top journals

With N. Freire Maia & A. Freire Maia. Parity effect on abortions. Lancet 1 (7284):774-5, 1963

With N. Freire Maia. Lethal mutations in Brazilian human populations. Nature 189:80, 1961